Nidri Village (Nydri)

Guide to Nidri What You Should Know

Good to Know

Nidri (also spelt Nydri) is town on Lefkada island situated 17km southeast of the island’s capital, Lefkada town. It is also a municipality and the most popular tourist resort on the island. Nidri has a population of 800 inhabitants and the municipality comprises beautiful traditional coastline villages like Nidri, Geni, Vliho, Desimi, Perigiali & Mikros Gialos and the hillside villages: Paleokatouna, Alatro, Poros, Platistoma, Neohori, Vafkeri, Fterno, Haradiatika, Rahi  and  Katahor. The area of Nidri attracts a great number of tourists from country and abroad each summer, fascinating them with crystal blue sea and beautiful beaches and offering a vast variety of summer activities and attractions to enjoy during vacation.

Where to Stay

There are a wide range of accommodation solutions in Nidri, from budget studios and self-catering apartments to luxury hotels and resorts. The prices of holiday accommodation in Nidri vary depending on the time of the year and hit the highest point during summer months.


Nidri is located 21km from Lefkada Townn in the north and 21km from Vassiliki in the south and it is well-linked to the both, rest of the island and the mainland with a very good local bus service. Also, the town has its own ferry port with ferries to Meganisi and Keffalonia.

What to See

  • Nydri Waterfalls – From the middle of the village there is a road that will take you to a stunning canyon about 2km distant with the beautiful Dimosaris the Ronies waterfalls.
  • The pretty little port of Nidri, full of sailboats, small fishing boats and luxury yachts.
  • Museum in Nidri with exhibits from relics of the NeoLithic era, findings from Hirospilia.
  • Archeological settlement outside the town with remains from antiquity (1900-1500 BC) along with an aqueduct and Roman and Byzantine tombs with precious offerings inside
  • Narrow streets with and many of small white painted houses and blue domed churches that has became one of Greek islands’ most notable trademarks.

What to Do

  • Go walking or riding through olive groves or to the waterfalls. Or go hiking to nearby hills of Paleokatouna, Haradiatika or Neohori.
  • Yachting is one of the favorite activities in Nidri. The town is one of the major yachting destinations in Ionian Sea, along with Lefkada Town. The sea is pretty calm here which makes Nidri a perfect place to learn to sail. There are numerous eye-catching attractions to see during yachting like beautiful seashore and numerous islands like Onassis’ private island, Skorpios. You can bring your own boat or rent a speedboat or motor boat in Nidri.
  • If you visit Lefkada in September, take part in the annual Ionian Regatta, one of the biggest Yachting events in the Mediterranean. It is usually held on the third Thursday of September and it on average attracts about 190 entries. Regatta is an impressive sight to watch: lots of of the daily boat trips in Nidri offer an opportunity to follow the event.
  • Visit the village of Poros near Nidri and enjoy in the view of the scenery from the narrow streets located on a steep slope.  Visit the beautiful church of Analipsi in the village with astonishing icons and hagiographies from the 17th century. There are ruins in the location of Pirgi, 800m outside Poros with ancient castle and olive mill, built in the 4th century BC.
  • Enjoy a real summer vacation on numerous island’s beaches like beautiful Mikros Gialos near Poros or one of many other Lefkada’s beaches that attract tourists from all around the world.

Eat and Drink

There are a great number of restaurants, pubs, traditional Greek taverns and bars to be found in Nidri and surrounding area. Restaurants range from traditional to Italian and can suit all tastes. For drink tourists can choose from a wide variety of cafes, music bars and night clubs opened until early hours during the summer time.

Although the Nidri area is pretty touristically developed it hasn’t lost its natural beauty. Wide vegetation with olive trees, pines and cypresses as well as clear blue sea and beautiful sandy beaches attract more and more tourists every year.

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